Bio economy

An experimental economic model in arid areas

A key word, co-development, succeed the marriage between the transmission of technological know-how of applied research with the grassroot farmer’s organizations structured in a united, authentic, and mutually balanced relationship.

The Cactus for Life™ program is part of a social and economic approach. The economic project consists of a monetary management part:  the purchase of seeds from the picking activity and its social impact on improving the weekly income of each family. The infrastructure component covers basic needs; a resilient habitat during hurricane periods, access to water by manual drilling of wells, clean energy production by the transformation of biomass generating Biogas and a liquid fertilizer enabling market gardening crops, Eco systems to be built and owned.

Cactus for Life ™ develops know-how and expertise in alternative techniques, specially developed to meet the challenges of deforestation, biodiversity, food insecurity and the construction of sand houses adapted to the many hazards of arid regions.